Pastoral Groups

League of Margherita

Music Ministry

Events Coordinating Committee

African Community

Youth Ministry

Sub Committees:

  • Marketing Committee

Committee for Evangelization

Liturgical Committee

Catechetical Committee

Care Group

Communications Committee

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Catechist Pin Mockup

Sub Committees:

  • Renew

Sub Committees:

  • Music
  • Proclaimers
  • Extra-ordinary Holy
  • Eucharist Ministers
  • Altar Servers
  • Church Ushers
  • Poly-comp Operators / Media

Sub Committees:

  • Catechesis for Children
  • Adult Catechesis (RCIA)
    for Catechumens,
  • Catechesis for Infant

Sub Committees:

  • Family Life
  • Bereavement Group
  • League of Margherita
  • Legion of Mary
  • St Anne’s Group
  • Catholic Woman’s
  • League
  • Feeding Scheme

Sub Committees:

  • Webmasters